The main objective of Petroleum Newspapers Nigeria Company is the publication, for the benefit of  Nigerians, of the sustainable supply and efficient use of oil, gas and other energy resources in particular but not exclusively by the following:

(a) Holding congresses, conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops to:

  1. Promote best practice with regard to social responsibility and development;

ii. Promote the advancement of human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations), facilitating discussion between government, industry, and community in issues such as equality and diversity and elimination of discrimination;

iii. Provide a forum for representatives of communities to share their concerns regarding sustainability;

iv. To suggest solutions for global oil and gas challenges, environmental protection and multi-sectorial co-operation with the aim to conserve and preserve the natural environment;

  1. Share knowledge of technological developments and scientific research for the benefit of the public and publishing the useful results for the public benefit.

(vi) Publishing, promoting or assisting in the publication and advertising of Oil and Gas jobs/vacancies to interested applicants with the aim to create employment.


In the month of August 2019, Petroleum Newspapers will have her second workshop titled: 2019 ABUJA WORKSAFE WORKSHOP; COMBATING HEALTH AND RISK AT GAS PLANTS AND PETROL STATIONS

Petrol stations are busy places with lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They also store and dispense large amounts of hazardous substances, especially flammable substances such as petrol, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). That’s why it’s very important to have good systems and processes in place for making sure people stay healthy and safe.

Examples of some of the health and safety risks found in and around a petrol station.

Under the Health and Safety Act, every business has a responsibility to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers and any others who could be put at risk by the work of the business, for example, customers, visitors, children and young people, or the general public.

You will gain knowledge on how to eliminate risk where you’re reasonably able to. Where you’re not reasonably able to, the Abuja worksafe workshop will provide you information.


Worker engagement and participation

All retail petrol stations must involve their workers in workplace health and safety workshop. When workers are engaged in work health and safety, then everyone benefits. Your business is a healthier and safer place for everyone, and performance and productivity increase. Abuja worksafe workshop sets out the key steps in the health and safety engagement process but, in short, you must attend to express your views and raise work health or safety concerns, and contribute to the decision-making process.

The Abuja Worksafe Workshop will address the following:

  • Risk and hazards
    • the adequacy of staff welfare facilities
    • monitoring worker health safety of customers and the public
    • providing information and training to workers
    • procedures for resolving work health or safety issues
  • determining work groups, and proposing changes which may affect the health and safety of the public.



















Comrade Francis O. Johnson



Prince Williams Apkoreha




Senate Committee on Downstream Petroleum

Bassey Albert Akpan (Chairman)

Jibrin Barau (Vice chairman)




Chrisason Fire Protection Ltd
Address: 98, IkwereRoad , Port Harcourt.
Phone: +234 84 238548, 334066 ; Fax: +234 84 238548.

Flameshield Equipment Engineering Limited
Sales Service of Fire Extinguishers, HSE Equipment , Fire Systems & Training.
Address: 3 Thomas Animasaun Street, Aguda, Surulere Lagos 101282.
Phone: +234 1 8165311; Fax: +234 1 5853167.
Website: http://www.flameshield.biz/

John Holt Fire Protection (Angus)
Fire fighting equipment
Address: 25 Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos.
Phone: +234 1 277 7765; Fax: +234 1 277 7775.
Website: http://www.jhplc.com/

Remote Sensing & Fire Resources Consultants
Address 13 Sylvia crescent Behind Elizade Plaza Ikeja Lagos
Phone: +234 1 4930283, 4930284
Website: http://www.resarc.com/

Safety Engineering & Fire Consultants (Nig) Ltd
Address 18 Bode Thomas Street Surulere Lagos
Phone: +234 1 5847909, 5843400

Spill Responders Nig Ltd
Address 12 Emekuku Street D line Port Harcourt Rivers
Phone: +234 84 233259

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are four levels of sponsoring: Diamond sponsors, Platinum Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, and Silver Sponsors. Event sponsorships are also available and will be categorized by monetary contribution with the appropriate level of sponsorship. Please find the benefits of the sponsor packages below. The conference sponsor will receive high profile recognition before, during and after the conference.

Diamond N5, 000,000 (free adverts, awards, 5% share of proceed)

Platinum N3, 000,000 (free adverts, awards)

Gold N1, 000,000 (free advert, award)


Silver N500, 000 (free advert)

For more information please contact:
Stephan Brendan, stevebrendan@petroleumnewsngr.com,+2348038235242

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Exhibits, Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities 


By exhibiting at Abuja Work-save Conference 2019 you’ll get quality time with prospects to show off your products, services and get the opportunity to market your brands, ability to meet with current clients, and chances to build your brand awareness that will help you and your brand succeed. Book your exhibit space today and see tangible results from your marketing investment!




Submit your abstracts today!

The Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit abstracts that have direct application to the health and safety of the people and industry. Your research, knowledge, and expertise lead the way for the unconventional community.

Submissions deadline is 7 March 2019.




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