Peter Obi promises to move Nigeria beyond oil, end petrol subsidy and scarcity

Peter Obi, the most popular and likely winner of the 25th February presidential election, says the country must look for ways to run beyond oil.

Obi, the most experienced, transparent and competent amongst the contending candidates disclosed to Petroleum Newspapers that Nigeria must stop fuel subsidy and end scarcity as soon as Labour Party assumes office in May, 2023.

“From where I stand, I dare to proclaim that Nigeria’s democracy must survive. The new alliance that we seek is between Nigerian youths, the Labour Party, which represent Nigerian workers, and like minds,” he said.

“Going forward, we must look for ways to move Nigeria beyond oil. We must end this criminality called ‘oil subsidy’.

“Nigeria today is vastly polarized and wrecked by divisions that run deep along religious, ethnic and regional lines.

“There is a staggering level of corruption. Our universities are not been well funded, While our healthcare system remains comatose, power generation and distribution are also at an all-time low.

“After we win the 2023 elections, we intend to use the instruments of job creation and regenerative investments to drastically reduce the high incidence of insecurity and poverty while moving the economy from the consumptive to the productive mode.”

This year, the federal government projected to spend N4 trillion on petrol subsidy.